ɴᴀ͏s͏ᴀ͏ᴀ͏ɴ ͏ᴋ͏ᴀ ͏ɴ͏ᴀ͏ɴ͏ɢ ͏ᴋ͏ᴀ͏ɪ͏ʟ͏ᴀ͏ɴ͏ɢ͏ᴀ͏ɴ ͏ᴋ͏ɪ͏ᴛ͏ᴀ 192

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Story line

In the town of Itogon, Benguet lived a happy family with Dolores, Paciano, and their daughter Cecilia. One day, Paciano decides to work at Manila. He goes back and forth every day to his job, which complicates Dolores and Cecilia. One day, Cecilia awakens and Paciano disappeared. She waits for her father but has never returned. Cecilia's dream of going to Manila will become true. She and her mother moved to Manila so Cecilia can go to college in order to find her father. Her hopes and dreams shatters when she discovers that her father has another family, and that she doesn't have enough money for college. Cecilia and Dolores survived in Manila by selling food in front of a university, where Cecilia meets Leandro, whom starts off as her tutor but they eventually fall in love with each other. At their school dance, Cecilia and Leandro go to a dark library and Cecilia gets pregnant. She agrees to marry Leandro for the sake of their child. After the two got married, Dolores later dies from cancer while holding her newborn granddaughter Corrine in her arms. Many years passed, Cecilia does everything she can for her family; her husband Leandro and her children Corrine and Bea. Their life is about to change when Leandro meets his new assistant at work, Toni, who eventually falls in love with him. She seduces Leandro in her car and eventually she gets pregnant, resulting in Leandro losing his job. Cecilia learns about what Leandro had done from Toni's father Florencio, owner of Briones and Company. Cecilia tells Leandro to stay away and live with Toni, and her daughters become heartbroken seeing their father leaving them. Since that very moment, Corrine and Bea vows to patch the broken pieces of their family together.

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