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Story line

Follow the story of Crisanto (Marvin Agustin), a soldier who went to other places to fight in a war about two groups with different beliefs. In the middle of his fight, he met Florida (Jolina Magdangal). Crisanto, who has a family to return to, didn't resist the temptation and had a child with Florida named Flor (Ashley Sarmiento). One day, the enemy's side surprisingly attacked Crisanto. To protect Flor from the war, he forced her to hide in their house. After the war, because of the wounds and bruises that Crisanto got, he was very ill and couldn't move properly. Beth (Desiree Del Valle), Crisanto's wife, hired a helper to take care of Crisanto. She didn't know, but she accidentally hired Florida. She also didn't know that Florida and Crisanto have had a child. Days after, Beth decides that Florida's child can live in their house. Beth and Crisanto's child, Liza (Rhed Bustamante), and Flor became bestfriends without knowing that Flor is her half- sister.

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