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    Это было круто! Вишня, молодец! ????????????❤️isa sa staff ang ate ko sa serye nato,ang intense daw ng eksena nung papatayin na ni paco si cherry,at pinagplanohan na nilang magkapatid,si seb sumang ayon na din dahil bilang kapatedBagay sayo mag kabayoWhat is she thinking? She needs to take some tips from the movie Sleeping with the Enemy. Change your clothes and grab some cash. No credit cards, he can track you through those. The horse was a good choice, because he would hear a car. Curious if she has a plan. If I was her I would run away and then make a plan to get back the property that belongs to me. But what would probably be the best plan would be to act as though everything is back to normal while looking for the evidence to bring them all down. Dave and Drew are the worst. I hope she finds that out.Buenísimo me sirvió de mucho... GraciasDon't like to watch palaging putolI appreciate your hard work dude , you probably would've worked day and night to produce this masterpiece*29:23* *I'm honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!* ????sobrang eksi ng upload bitin..sana habaanPaco ako na ang Mahal ni IVANA ???????? Go mahal ☺ang Ganda talaga ang cute????

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