The Blood Si͏s͏t͏e͏r͏s 132

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Story line

This fictional story follows the lives of triplets, separated as infants, and the complex events that bring them together.[4] The main story line revolves around Erika Castillo, an exotic dancer in a club in Davao City. Her work as an entertainer helps provide for her son's medical bills, but her job exposes her to the seedy darkness and dangers of the business, and that is what happened one evening when she witnesses a waitress murder a syndicate member in the club's private dancing room. The killer, known only as Ana Cruz quickly disappears and the syndicate is eager to retrieve a ledger they think Erika took. They send assassins to silence her. With her life and her son's safety at risk, Erika leaves him with her friend Bruce (Ogie Diaz) and escapes to Manila. With the help of her best friend Tonio (Ejay Falcon), she searches for “Ana” and the ledger. The assassins catch up with her in Manila, but she manages to escape and Fate hurls another woman along their path. The woman, Carrie Almeda, is a dead ringer for Erica, and the killers mistake her for Erika. They shoot and abduct her. Meanwhile, Erika finds herself assuming her double's identity, hiding under the safety net of Carrie Almeda's world for a brief time.

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